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Excellent Tips for Identifying Aluminum Tubes


Chinese aluminum tube market prospect is very wide, it also brings bad atmosphere to the entire market, in order to avoid consumer loss, today we taught you a simple four words identification of official tubes and the defective.

I. by look and touch

Aluminum tube surfaces were recognized by touch, internal and external surface examination, and language.

1. Genuine aluminum tube surface words typically use imported printing, with legible handwriting and clearly legible trademark, manufacturer, address, and phone number labels; counterfeit aluminum tube surface words are produced on standard printing presses, with illegible handwriting and an unidentified or unmarked factory logo.

2. High-quality raw materials are used in the creation of good aluminum tubes, which have high processing precision and a smooth, clutter-free interior and exterior feel; in contrast, inferior aluminum tube goods have comparatively low quality work due to subpar workmanship.

3, authentic aluminum tubes and aluminum with uniform thickness, tube are combined tightly, quality and thickness of the tube and aluminum strip can reach the national standard; and bad and inferior product wall thickness deviation a lot, aluminum sheet is thin, and the tube joint clearance.

II, by burn

Using bright flame ignition the aluminium tube. good aluminum-plastic tube by ultrasonic welding or by hydrogen arc welding butt welding and its interface mainly quite closely, ignited the fire tube aluminum sheet will not appear off phenomenon; and the aluminum tubes of counterfeit and other composite pipe because of the aluminum plate without welding, the interface is not close, after light will appear after the aluminum sheet off phenomenon.

III, by shear

By shear of the aluminium tube in the shape of a spiral cut into strip, hand stripping aluminum layer and the PE layer. So the aluminum plastic pipe as the 5 layer composite structure, the aluminum layer and the PE layer with more closely, from hand stripping aluminum layer and the PE layer is not easy; and false and inferior product due to shoddy work, the aluminum layer and the PE layer does not close fitting, easy to peel off.

IV, by test

Pressure performance using a tiny pump detection tube for pressure. Good aluminum-plastic pipe may generally meet or surpass national standards requirements for pressure blasting; however, low blasting pressure makes it challenging to achieve the standards for subpar products.